We are Samidha Group…..

Samidha group is not only a computer Institute, but also a medium to fulfill many dreams, and a dream to make educated Bihar, computerized Bihar. Samidha group was launched to fulfill this very dream.


Though, the idea of this institute was envisioned in 1999 itself, it took almost 13 years to bring this idea into practice. During these 13 years, we studied around 183 research papers related to computer education in rural areas, and other aspects associated with it. Special attention was paid to rural sociology to figure out an effective workable computer education model in rural areas especially in the context of Bihar. Finally in 2012 this institute was founded in its present form, and now it stands to fulfill its mission of ‘Educated Bihar, Computerized Bihar’.


With its farsighted vision, when Samidha group started to provide free computer education to all, society welcomed it very warmly, and within 5 months 780 students enrolled in the institute from all sections of the society and received free computer education. Out of these 780 students, 242 students after competing education got immediately employed in private sector and they are doing very well today.


Besides face-to-face, Samidha group has also been providing free computer education through internet, and within one year, around 132000 students have been benefited by this. In addition to computer education, the institute also trains its students in many soft skills such as personality development, organizational behavior, winning attitude, etc…These equip students to sell themselves better in competitive job markets.


The institute is completely nongovernmental, and is not dependant on any monetary help either from government or any other private organization. The model is such that people of the society has recognized the benefit of the institute and is keeping it sustainable by giving partial donations. Besides, students who get benefitted by the institute also provide partial donations.


The institute is determined to provide high quality computer education and is open to extend its education model to other parts of India.


We believe that without the encouragement and help from all sections of the society, any model or initiative will never be sustainable. Its success is largely dependent on involvement of the whole society. Therefore, we urge you to contribute in whatever way you can. Please spread awareness about the institute and send students in your areas to the institute and help in building their future. The education will immensely help students in transforming their lives forever. Someone has rightly put it “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”.


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